Notice on the Latest Requirements for Chinese Visa Application
2023-03-14 20:44

(Update March, 2023)

As of March 15, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India will adopt the following new measures for Chinese visa application.

1. Application Procedures

1.1 Visa applications are processed in accordance with respective consular jurisdiction areas of Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in India. For applicants who reside in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, and West Bengal, their visa applications are processed by Chinese Consulate-General in Kolkata. For applicants who reside in Maharashtra or Karnataka, their visa applications are processed by Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai. For applicants who reside in areas other than those mentioned above, their visa applications are processed by Chinese Embassy in India.

1.2 For applicants residing in the consular jurisdiction area of Chinese Embassy in India, please submit visa application documents through Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi. First of all, please visit the website of Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi (, fill out visa application form and confirmation page online,make an appointment, print out the confirmation page and full form, and sign name. Then at the appointment time, submit the application in person with materials (please see Part 2 for material requirements) at Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi and retain ten fingerprints.

1.3 The following applicants can be exempted from fingerprint collection: those who are under the age of 14 or over the age of 70; those who already had fingerprints collected within the past five years at Chinese Embassy in India or Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi using the same passport; Applicants with all fingerprints uncollectable.

2. Material Requirements 

2.1 General Documents

(1) Chinese Visa Application Form and Confirmation Page of Online Visa Application.

(2) Original passport still valid for at least 6 months, with 2 or more blank visa pages, and the photocopy of relevant passport pages;and expired passports within 5 years and the photocopy of relevant passport pages.

(3) Two recently-taken color passport photos (full face, front view and bare head,size: 48mm×33mm,within 6 months).

(4) Original and photocopy of the proof of legal stay, residence, employment or study status or valid visa (applicable to applicants of non-Indian citizens)

2.2 Category Documents

In addition to the general documents in 2.1, the following supporting documents for respective visa categories must be submitted:

2.3 Relevant Reminder

(1) The invitation letter may be in the form of fax, photocopy or computer printout, but consular officers may require the applicant to submit the original invitation letter. The invitation letter should contain following information: information on the applicant (full name, gender, date of birth, etc.); information on the visit, such as purpose of visit, place(s) of intended residence, intended duration of residence, intended arrival and departure dates, relations between the applicant and the inviting entity or individual, financial source for expenditures; information on the inviting entity or individual (name, contact telephone number, address, official stamp, signature of legal representative or the inviting individual, etc.)

(2) Consular officers may require the applicant to provide other supporting documents, or require an interview with the applicant. Consular officers will decide on whether the visa should be issued and on its validity, duration of stay and number of entries in light of specific conditions of the applicant.

3. Cases Not Needing To Apply For A New Visa

(1) Foreign nationals who subject to mutual visa exemption agreements. 

(2) Valid permanent resident permit ID card.

(3) Valid residence permits.

(4) Holding valid APEC Business Travel Cards  (please note: To further facilitate business travel, APEC Virtual Cards holders will also be accepted for entry from 1 May 2023. As transitional arrangement, APEC Virtual Card holders who need to apply for a visa before 1 May 2023 will be facilitated by the Embassy, please contact the consular section of the Embassy for details).

(5) Transit Visa Exemption Program.

(6) Hainan visa-free policy; Visa-free policy specified for foreign cruise-group-tour through Shanghai Port; Guangdong visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups entering from Hong Kong SAR or Macao SAR; visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups of ASEAN countries entering Guilin, Guangxi province (For details, please contact the immigration inspection authorities of the intended destination).

 4. Submitting Channels for Visa Application

Please submit visa applications to Chinese Visa Application Service Center in New Delhi, or in Kolkata or in Mumbai, according to respective consular jurisdiction area. For details of visa process, requirements, time limit and fees, please contact relevant visa center or refer to their websites.

4.1 Chinese Visa Application Service Center In New Delhi

Address: Concourse Floor, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001 India.

Tel:91-9999036735 (Weekdays 9:00 am - 14:00 pm, 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm).

4.2 Chinese Visa Application Service Center In Kolkata

Address: BIPI Building Omega, Ground Floor, Bengal Intelligent Park, Block EP & GP, Sector V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata, India.

Tel:91-9999036735 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), 91-033 40010210 (Tuesday,Thursday), Weekdays 9:00 am - 12:00 am, 13:00 pm - 16:00 pm.

4.3 Chinese Visa Application Service Center In Mumbai

Address: 8th Floor, Mafatlal Center, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021.

Tel:91-22-22855271 (Weekdays 10:00 am - 13:00 am, 15:00 pm - 18:00 pm).

5. Applications For Diplomatic And Service Passport Holders And Diplomatic, Service And Courtesy Visas

Please fill out the visa application form online ( (no online appointment is required), print out the confirmation page and full form, sign name, and submit visa application with original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages, a photocopy of the passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate, one color passport photo and an official note to the Consular Section of Chinese Embassy in India. Diplomatic and Service Passport holders and Diplomatic, Service and Courtesy Visa applicants are exempted from fingerprint collection. For relevant questions, please directly contact the Consular Section of Chinese Embassy in India.

6. Consultation For Visa Application Within Consular Jurisdiction Area of Chinese Embassy In India

Address: Gate No. 4, Chinese Embassy, Nayaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021.


Tel:91-11-24675259 (Weekdays 9:30 am-12:30 pm,15:30 pm-17:30 pm).


7. Interpretation of Notice

This notice is interpreted by Chinese Embassy in India. In the event of any inconsistency between the previously released information and this notice, this notice shall prevail.

                                              Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in India

                                                             14 March, 2023

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