Notice on the Adjusting Requirements For China-Bound Passengers from India
2022-11-13 21:54

(updated on 13 November, 2022)

In accordance with the latest domestic regulations on COVID-19 control and prevention, the Chinese Embassy in India will adjust and optimize the testing requirements for China-bound passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic and take the following measures from 14 November, 2022.

I.Nucleic Acid (RT-PCR) Tests

1.All the passengers traveling to China only need to take one nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test within 48 hours before boarding the flight to China, and apply for Green Health Code with a negative certificate.

2.Passengers travelling to China can choose any place in India or in transit according to their itinerary, within 48 hours before boarding the flight to China, and apply for Green Health Code from the Embassy or Consulate where the test will be conducted. The airline will check passengers with a valid Green Health Code and will not check the place of issue.

3.No extra requirements for passengers with a history of COVID-19 infection, close contact, suspected symptoms, and PCR test results showing Presumptive Positive and Equivocal results. All passengers can apply for Green Health Code with one Negative nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test result within 48 hours before departure.

II. Apply for Green Health Code

Apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates-General in India for Green Health Code with the “HS/HDC” mark by logging on the website of (for Foreign Nationals) via computer or smart phone, or by logging on “Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Version” WeChat Mini Program (For Chinese nationals), declare your information and health condition as well as upload the following documents:

1.One nucleic acid (RT-PCR) test within 48 hours

2.Passport information page.

3.Foreign Nationals should upload valid Chinese Residence Permit, or valid Chinese Permanent Residence Card, or valid Chinese Visa.

4.Flight tickets or booking itinerary of the whole trip.

5.Certificates of Vaccination of Chinese-made vaccines or vaccines approved for use by WHO, if having been already vaccinated.

III. Important Reminder

1.Nucleic acid test reports submitted to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in India should be issued by labs authorized by ICMR (refer to ICMR website for details), which should be machine-printed, not hand-written, and with a QR code.

2.It is suggested to consult with the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the transit place for local regulations on entry, quarantine and epidemic prevention, and Green Health Code application requirements in the transit place (where the direct flight to China) to avoid problems such as obstruction of travel or stranding in the transit place. For passengers  travelling to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan or transiting to the Mainland via these places are not required to apply for Green Health Code, please abide by the relevant local requirements.

3.China-bound passengers from India shall take necessary epidemic preventive measures before boarding, during the journey, till arrival in China, as well as observe local regulations with respect to COVID-19 prevention and control upon arrival in China.

4.In order to ensure Green Health Code to be issued before boarding, please upload the required documents and apply for Green Health Code 6 hours before departure. If the uploaded documents are not complete or do not meet the requirements, the application will not be approved, and a new application should be submitted.

IV. Related contact details

1.Contact information of the Chinese Embassy in India. Telephone Number: 0091-11-26112343 (For Chinese Nationals), 0091-11-24675259 (For Foreign Nationals). Email:

2. Passengers who reside in Maharashtra or Karnataka should apply to the Chinese Consulate-General in Mumbai for Green Health Code. Please refer to its website or consult with it. Telephone Number: 0091-22-66324305 ext. 20. Email:

3.Passengers who reside in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, or West Bengal should apply to the Chinese Consulate-General in Kolkata for Green Health Code. Please refer to its website or consult with it. Telephone Number: 0091-9163390711 (for Chinese Nationals), 0091-33-40045211 (For Foreign Nationals, Chinese language only) or 0091-33-23377712 (For Foreign Nationals, English or Bangali only). Email:

V. Implementation

This notice will be implemented from 14 November, 2022. The Chinese Embassy in India reserves the right of explanation. If there is any inconsistency between the present notice and the previously released ones, the latest version shall prevail. The above-mentioned measures will be updated in the future according to the requirement of the Chinese government as well as the development of the epidemic situation. Relevant notices will be issued in a timely manner.

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