China Offered Aid in Cash for Tamil Nadu Flood
2015-12-17 12:42

Recently Tamil Nadu Pradesh of India suffered heavy rains and severe flooding, which caused heavy casualties and property losses.

Chinese Government and people follow the situation closely. China’s Premier Li Keqiang has sent a message of consolation to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressed sincere consolation to Indian Government and flood-stricken people, and extended deep condolence to the victims. Mr Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, has also sent a message of consolation to Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Indian Minister of External Affairs. 50,000 USD were donated by the Red Cross Society of China, and additional 5 lakhs rupees were donated by the Chinese Embassy in India to help Indian government and people overcome the disaster.

It is a friendly tradition for the government and people of China and India to help each other when disaster falls. Chinese people feel the suffering of the Indian people, and stand together with them. We believe the disaster-affected people will be able to overcome the difficulties and get back to normal life soon.

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