Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Xie Liyan Talks on Indian Yatra to Xizang
2017-07-05 23:46

Indian yatra to Kailash and Manasrovar is an important part of China-India people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Since the 1980s, in accordance with relevant arrangements agreed between the two countries, the Chinese side has made great efforts to improve accommodation and logistical facilities and related plans for ensuring safe and smooth Indian yatras. In 2014, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India, China announced the opening of a new yatra route for official Indian yatris via Nathula Pass, which was opened as scheduled in 2015. According to statistics of Xizang authority, the Chinese side received about 1,000 official yatris and more than 10,000 non-official yatris every year. The Indian government and people from all walks of life have expressed appreciation and gratitude to the efforts by China.

The two sides agreed that a total of 350 yatris in seven batches would take part in yatras to Xizang through Nathula Pass this year. The first batch would have entered Xizang on June 20th, with visas already issued by Chinese embassy and preparation ready in Xizang. However, days before the departure of the yatris the Indian border troops crossed into the Chinese territory and obstructed the Chinese border troops’ normal activities in Doklam. To ensure the safe and smooth visit of Indian yatris, China has to halt their entry into Xizang through Nathula Pass. The Chinese side had notified the Indian side through diplomatic channel.

China consistently respects the Indian people’s religious sentiments and attaches importance to Indian Yatra to Kailash and Manasrovar in Xizang. Up to now, the official yatra through Lipuleku Pass and non-official yatra through Lhasa and Purang are still on the rails. We are willing to discuss the possibility of alternative arrangements through other routes for Indian official yatris who had planned to visit Kailash and Manasrovar via Nathula Pass.

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