Let's Funtograph online photo contest
2020-12-05 11:49

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India, with the support of the Chinese Embassy in India, the Asian and African Language Program Center of China Media Group will host an online photo contest——Let’s Funtograph for the Indian friends. The theme of this contest is “Impression of China”. The detailed arrangement of the contest are as follows.

1. Online Application Date

The online application will start from December 5th, 2020 till December 25th, 2020. The winning entries will be announced in January, 2021.

2. Request for Entries

1)Show your own view of China. It can be the elements around you related to China, photos of yourself traveling in China, or photos of you and your Chinese friends, etc.

2)The entry is not limited in photography equipment, black and white or color. Historical photos can be submitted in electronic scanning version.

3)Entries must be original.

4)No more than three entries shall be submitted by each person.

5)The work must not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India. At the same time, it must ensure that the uploaded photos do not infringe upon the relevant legal rights and interests of any third party. Otherwise, the entrants shall bear all responsibilities.

6)Submission address

Both mailboxes are available for submission. Please state the author’s name and attach a photo description.



3. Number of Awards

1 first prize, 3 second prizes, 5 third prizes and several commemorative prizes.

4. Announcement and Distribution of Awards

After the photos are collected, the contest jury will review the entries and announce the winning entries through the official Facebook account, while confirming the details of the winners by email. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in live broadcast activities with hosts from CMG-Tamil to share their creative experience.

Prizes will be distributed in time after the contest. The organizer will give the prizes by mail or electronically within 10 working days after confirmation. The time of arrival depends on the actual situation.

5. Others

Participants agree that the organizer will publish and use the entries, the author's name and other necessary information free of charge in the activities related to the contest.

The Asian African Language Program Center of China Media Group reserves the right of final interpretation of this contest.

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