Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hailong Holds a Media Briefing on the Third BRICS Leaders Meeting
2011-04-14 20:00

On the afternoon of April 14, 2011, Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Hailong held a media briefing on the outcome and significance of the Third BRICS Leaders' Meeting at the press center of the Chinese delegation to the meeting.

Wu said the meeting welcomes South Africa joining the BRICS cooperation mechanism, and considers the participation of South Africa will further expand the BRICS mechanism and make this mechanism more representative. Wu said that under the theme of "Broad Vision, Shared Prosperity", the participating leaders had an in-depth exchange of views on the current international situation, the international economic and financial issues, development issues and cooperation between and among the BRICS countries, reached broad consensus and issued the "Sanya Declaration". This meeting has shown to the international community that BRICS mechanism is a platform of cooperation for emerging countries, which is committed to the grand objectives of "peace, security, development and cooperation" and making important contributions to the development of human society and to the building of a more equitable and fair world.

Wu noted that the meeting has achieved important results mainly in three fields. First, the leaders of BRICS countries reached important consensus on the development of the current international situation. The BRICS countries are committed to promoting the democratization of international relations, strengthening global economic governance, and enhancing the say of emerging and developing countries in international affairs. The BRICS countries should make new contributions to maintaining the stability and development of the world. Second, the meeting has strengthened the dialogue, coordination and cooperation between and among the BRICS countries on major international economic and financial development issues. Third, the meeting has deepened and expanded pragmatic cooperation between and among the BRICS countries in various fields. It is decided in the "Sanya Declaration" that the BRICS countries will deepen exchange and cooperation in various fields including finance, think tanks, business, science and technology. A series of cooperation initiatives were put forward.

Wu stressed that the meeting has condensed consensus, strengthened coordination, deepened cooperation, and promoted the development of relations between and among the BRICS countries. The BRICS countries will continue to adhere to the basic principle of "solidarity, mutual trust, openness, transparency and seeking for common development" to advance the BRICS cooperation in a gradual and pragmatic manner, expand areas of cooperation and enrich contents of cooperation. This not only complies with the common interest of the BRICS countries, but also will contribute to world peace, stability and development.

Wu also answered questions raised by domestic and foreign reporters, such as the expansion of BRICS membership, Sino-Russian cooperation under the framework of BRICS, the reform on the international monetary system and the reform of the UN Security Council.

There were over 100 reporters attending the briefing from domestic and foreign media agencies including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Central Television, China Radio International, China Daily, CNS, Jiefang Daily, Shanghai TV, Guangzhou Daily, Hainan TV, Sanya Broadcast TV, Phoenix TV, Reuters, AFP, BBC, Bloomberg, Dow Jones Newswires, Japan's Kyodo News, Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, and Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

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