Foreign Diplomats Visit CPC's Organization Dept
2011-06-15 20:00

BEIJING - On a usual working day when Communist Party of China (CPC) is approaching its 90th founding anniversary, more than 50 foreign diplomats were given an unusual opportunity to take a tour at the Party's backstage section, the CPC Central Committee's Organization Department.

The CPC Central Committee's Organization Department has been regarded as one of the Party's most mysterious agency, yet the department head Li Yuanchao told the diplomats during Tuesday's tour that "it was not true and we open gate to ordinary citizens and foreign friends."

In charge of the Party's organization development and its personnel system, the department was founded in May 1924 with the first head being late Chairman Mao Zedong.

No 80 West Chang'an Street, where the department's five-storied compound is located, was opened from the first-floor hall to the fifth-floor office to the diplomats.

At the second-floor examination center for leading cadre's comprehensive abilities, a dozen foreign diplomats even tested the exam system to experience what a CPC leader cadre is required to master.

The diplomats learned how CPC candidates competed each other in a six-round tough competition for the position of general manager of China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

They also learned how the department paid attention to Party members' education and training programs even for high-ranking officials such as Minister of Commerce and board chairperson of the central bank.

At the department's graft reporting center at fourth floor, the diplomats knew that the center could receive reports through telephone, mail and the Internet.

"We seriously handle every graft report no matter it comes from telephone or mail," said a staff with the center which was founded in 1998.

"I feel honored to be the first foreign diplomats to visit the CPC's organization department," said Munshi Faiz Ahmad, Bangladesh's ambassador to China.

"The level of modernization of the CPC's organization construction and personnel system impress me most, and I realize now that the CPC is paying more attention to cadre's abilities to tackle practical issues," Ahmad said.

Victor Ponomaryov, Ukrainian Minister Counsellor, told Xinhua that he saw a continuous improving and self-constructing party through the department's history.

Japanese embassy's minister Mitsuhiro Wada said that the department's cadres could speak fluent English and he admired the CPC's openness and confidence.

"It has been a very meaningful practice for the department to open the gate and build a more confidence and transparent image for the Communist Party," said Deng Shengming, spokesman with the department.

"None of you are the CPC members, but all of you are the Party's friends," Li Yuanchao told the foreign diplomats.

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