Dai Bingguo Publishes Signed Articles in French and British Media Elaborating China's Peaceful Development
2011-09-25 22:00

Whiling attending the consultation in France and the strategic dialogue in Britain, State Councilor Dai Bingguo published a signed article in the French Le Figaro and the British Sunday Telegraph on September 22 and 25 respectively to elaborate China's peaceful development.

In the article on Le Figaro, Dai pointed out that the world is shrinking into a "global village" as the trends of world multi-polarization, economic globalization and social informatization deepen. Countries are interdependent with their interests more closely entwined than ever before, and a "community of common destiny" in which all countries are interconnected in times of both peace and danger is taking shape. This is the most salient feature of our time. In the face of increasing global challenges, no country can stand alone or address them singlehandedly. The pursuit of peace, development and cooperation has become an unstoppable trend of the times. Countries need to stick together like passengers in the same boat, rather than crowd each other out. We need to pursue win-win cooperation, not zero-sum game. We need to have unity of purpose and take concerted action in tough times. This should be the most important principle guiding international relations in the world today.

China is living this principle and committed to the path of peaceful development and a win-win strategy of opening-up. We endeavor to achieve national rejuvenation through economic development and mutually beneficial cooperation. We are exploring a new path through which the international community can address diverse challenges and achieve inclusive development. We will continue to develop ourselves by upholding world peace and make more contribution to world peace through our own development. We will work with the international community to build a harmonious world of durable peace and common prosperity.

He stressed that China and the EU should foster and apply a new thinking of solidarity in times of adversity and cooperation for mutual benefit, adjust ourselves to accommodate each other, share benefits and responsibilities and expand the confluence of our interests so as to raise our relationship to a new level in the second decade of the 21st century and set an example for building a "community of common destiny" worldwide. This will benefit not only our two sides but also the whole world.

In the article on Sunday Telegraph, Dai said that China will unswervingly pursue the path of peaceful development. This path of peaceful development is not water without a source or tree without roots. It is not something conjured up by a few individuals in their study. It is rooted in China's historical and cultural traditions and complies with the trends of development. It is developed in the course of the great experiments of reform and opening up of China.

China's peaceful development is neither simply an act of expediency nor a perfunctory gesture to soothe foreigners. It is in no way just empty talk. Peaceful development is the strong commitment of the Communist Party of China, the State and the Chinese people. It is manifest in China's domestic and foreign policies as well as strategies for national development and reflected in the social practices and foreign relations of contemporary China. It has a solid foundation of national policy and strategy. Peaceful development means that China seeks harmony and development domestically and pursues peace and cooperation externally and means the integration of internal and external strategies.

China owes much of its achievement to the long-term and friendly cooperation of other countries and will continue to count on the sympathy, understanding and support of the international community for its future development. For the world, China's development is a blessing, not a disaster; an opportunity, not a threat. We sincerely hope that the international community will have confidence in the sincerity and resolve of the Chinese people in following this path. We hope that the world welcomes rather than worrying about China's peaceful development and supports rather than doing anything to obstruct it.

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