Xi Jinping Meets with Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Hamid Ansari of India
2014-09-18 09:33

On September 18 local time, President Xi Jinping met with Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Hamid Ansari of India in New Delhi.

Xi Jinping stressed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I held fruitful talks this morning, reaching broad consensuses and achieving a series of concrete results. We, the leaders of both countries, have reached a basic consensus that the China-India relations are of highly strategic significance. China and India, the two great nations, are both in the process of revitalization and are important polar of the world. The joint efforts for cooperation between China and India will exert a far-reaching impact on the two countries, the region and the world at large. China-India relations are now standing at the new starting points and are faced with new development opportunities. Both sides should adhere to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, enhance cooperation, properly handle the differences, and expand the positive fundamentals and accumulate positive energies for the bilateral relations, so as to make the development of China-India relations match with the rich connotation and potentials of bilateral cooperation and with the important role both sides play in the world.

Xi Jinping pointed out that both sides should effectively implement the results achieved during my visit by actively building regional model project including railways and industrial parks, encouraging more Chinese enterprises to invest and establish business in India, fully implementing the China-India Xuan Zang exchange program, deepening the friendly affections between the two peoples, and promoting the common progress of the two civilizations.

Hamid Ansari expressed that the visit paid by President Xi Jinping has achieved positive and important results and opened up a new chapter for the bilateral relations. Under the current circumstances, India and China should deepen mutual trust, develop good-neighborly and friendly relationship, enhance cooperation and forge ahead hand in hand, and both sides should send a positive message like this.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, and Yang Jiechi were present at the meeting.

On the same day, Xi Jinping also met with Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj of India.

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