Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Yuxi Has an Informal Discussion with Chinese Students in India
2006-01-23 00:00

At the beginning of the New Year, Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Yuxi had an informal discussion with Chinese students in India on January 12, 2006. Present at the informal discussion were 30 people including the official of the Educational Section, Chinese Embassy in India and Chinese students in India.

Ambassador Sun reviewed the fruitful lots of work by the Embassy to develop China-India relations in politics, economy, culture and other fields last year and briefed the students on the New Year's plan to develop China-India relationship in a broader area of cooperation and with more exciting prospects. Ambassador Sun said all the students present here would be the participants in the development of China-India relations. The steady and fast development of China-India relations showed broad and satisfactory prospects for the Chinese students in India. Chinese Embassy in India was the home to the Chinese including the students and would always welcome them to come. The Embassy would provide services to the Chinese in India and solve their problems. Ambassador Sun also requested them to actively contribute to "Chun Chao" (Springtide), a magazine edited by the Embassy to introduce India objectively and fairly in order to help the public in China know more about India.

The students were moved by Ambassador Sun's remarks and his modest and unassuming nature, and unique style of work. They realized their heavy responsibilities and expressed their determination to overcome the difficulties such as hot weather and relatively unsatisfactory living conditions, and study their subjects well to serve their country and contribute to the development of China-India relations in the future.

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