Introduction to Contemporary Chinese
2004-12-10 00:00

Compiled by professors of Fudan University and Beijing Language University

Contemporary Chinese is designed for the English speaking learners of Chinese. It is now being used in many universities and colleges in Canada, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand.

Contemporary Chinese is written under the guide of the up to date theories and findings in Linguistics and second language learning and teaching research, as well as the authors' own experience and insights in Chinese teaching.

Contemporary Chinese is based on profound investigations on the curriculum designing and learning environments in the west countries and the needs and aims of the west learners of Chinese.

Contemporary Chinese is designed with the ultimate goal to develop the learners' ability to communicate in Chinese social settings.
Contemporary Chinese series includes:

Textbook (Vols. 1-4): This consists of key sentences, vocabulary, text, notes, grammar, and cultural background introduction. The text, given in both simplified and un-simplified characters, also include pinyin and English translation.

Teachers' Book (Vols. 1-4): It explains in detail the entire structure of the series, and what is intended in each lesson. In this book you will find reference materials, texts for listening exercises, keys to the exercises, test papers, etc.

Character Book (Vols. 1-2): It includes relevant knowledge about Chinese characters, meaning explanation, component analysis, writing guide and word formation of the new characters, and various kinds of exercises.

Exercise Book (Vols 1-4): The exercises are comprehensive, and varied in form, ranked from easy to difficult, covering listening, speaking, reading and writing. They include drills with focus on forms, exercises to develop specific skills and integrated communicative task practice.

CDs, CD-Rom and video tapes are available to accompany the textbooks.
The main characteristics of Contemporary Chinese are:

It is concise, practical, and topical.

It is adaptable to the varied needs of different learners.

It guides the learning procedure step by step.

It develops the learners' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an
integrated way.

It is guided by the student-centred and communication-oriented approach.

It is designed in a task-based and form-focused way.

t is compiled with authentic materials and in pure standard contemporary Chinese

It presents the interesting topics in a light humorous sense, reflecting the contemporary Chinese culture and the hotspots in the world.

It is designed with a serious concern for the liveliness of the style and the convenience for users.


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