Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Wang Xiaojian solemnly refuting groundless allegations against China made by the US military official during his visit to India.
2022-06-09 23:08

On June 9th, the Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Wang Xiaojian made a statement on groundless allegations made against China by the US military official during his visit to India. The content of the statement is as follows:

The US military official attacked and made allegations against China without any factual basis, violated the norms of international relations and basic principles of diplomacy, instigated China's relations with other countries in the region and deliberately created confrontation, which exposed their Cold War mentality and ideological bias. The Chinese side expresses its firm opposition to it.

It is known to all that China has been unswervingly committed to peaceful development and developed friendly cooperation with our neighbors based on mutual respect. The development and growth of China have brought safety and opportunities to the region and the world at large, rather than threat or challenge.

In order to safeguard its own hegemony, the US has fabricated the so-called "China threat", put together an “anti-China” alliance, proposed “Indo-Pacific Strategy”, organized exclusive and closed cliques, which have been escalating tensions and undermining solidarity and cooperation in the region. What the US has done is “destablising and coercive”. Such behaviour wins no support and leads nowhere. 

China firmly pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature. It is preposterous for the US, a country that runs more than 800 military bases overseas and sends military to flex muscles everywhere, to accuse China for its normal national defense construction on its own territory.

The boundary question is a bilateral matter between China and India. The current situation at the China-India border is generally stable, with both sides engaging in dialogue and consultation to address the issue. China and India have the will and ability to handle their differences properly. There's no space for a third party to intervene.

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