Response to media query by Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India on Indian media hyping "CPC members infiltrating some Indian agencies"
2020-12-17 20:57

Q: It is reported by certain Indian media that members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) infiltrate not only state departments, universities and banks of Western countries, but also Indian diplomatic agency in China and some other agencies and companies with Indian affiliation, implying that these CPC members are involved in espionage. Do you have any comments?

A: Such allegation hyping up the "CPC infiltration" is groundless out of ideological prejudice. The members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are not “monsters or scourges”. They are all ordinary human beings who serve the people with their hearts and souls. Is there really anything to be afraid of? It is absolutely ridiculous and wantonly smearing to maliciously label CPC members as "espionage" .

The CPC is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, the Chinese people, and the Chinese nation. Thanks to the CPC leadership, the Chinese people have achieved independence, freedom, liberation and great achievements in national development. The CPC is such a political party striving for the well-being of the Chinese people, the peace of the world and the progress of humanity.

The 92 million CPC members are outstanding people in all walks of life playing a vanguard and exemplary role. Whenever facing danger and disasters, the CPC members always take the lead to serve the people at the critical moment. When the outbreak of COVID-19 hit China this year, over 39 million CPC members nationwide stepped up to fight the virus on the front line. In the battle against poverty and floods, the CPC members have been the mainstay as well.

Hyping up the "China Threat Theory" and "demonizing" the CPC members by certain anti-China forces is in essence intending to provoke ideological confrontation, mislead the public with ulterior motives, and attempt to revive "McCarthyism" in the 21st century. Such actions on the basis of ideology is very dangerous. Anyone with reason, conscience and a sense of justice will not accept it.

When interacting with each other, states should follow basic norms governing international relations and respect each other's system and national conditions. China respects the system and national conditions of other countries, and hopes the relevant media can also respect China's system and national conditions, uphold an objective and just position in China related reports and stop irresponsible hype .

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