Speech by H.E. Ambassador Sun Weidong at Online Exchange Meeting Themed on “Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land”
2021-10-26 22:11

Distinguished Vice Governor of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Mr. Jarulla Hisamidin, Deputy Director General of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Mr. Li Xuejun, Vice President of the Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Mr. Nuram Ismayilhan, Spokesman of Information Office of People’s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Mr. Xu Guixiang and Mr. Elijan Anayat,

Mr. Tang Guocai, Chinese Consul General in Mumbai,

Mr. Zha liyou, Chinese Consul General in Kolkata,

Dear friends from all walks of life in India,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning!

I am very glad to attend this online exchange meeting themed on "Xinjiang is a Wonderful Land" .

The Chinese people often say: “One does not know how vast and beautiful China is until one visits Xinjiang.” The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is China’s largest provincial administrative region, where citizens of all 56 ethnic groups in China live in harmony, just like pomegranate seeds that stick together. I have visited Xinjiang many times. Once the name of this wonderful land is mentioned, the old city of Kashgar, the picturesque Kanas Lake, the gritty desert poplar forest, and image of hospitable people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will immediately come to my mind.

At one time, terrorism cast a shadow over this region. Since the 1990s, the “three evil forces”, namely terrorism, extremism and separatism, especially the violent and terrorist forces represented by “the East Turkistan Islamic Movement” (ETIM), have organized and conducted thousands of violent terrorist attacks, causing deaths of a large number of innocent people as well as immeasurable property damage.

To eradicate the threat of terrorism and its breeding ground, and to safeguard people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, the Chinese government addresses both the symptoms and root causes, upholding the principle of fighting and preventing terrorism at the same time. We have taken firm stance against violence and terrorism in accordance with laws, meanwhile we promote law-based de-radicalization efforts to address the problem at its source. The measures have yielded remarkable achievements. There has been no violent terrorist cases for nearly 5 consecutive years in Xinjiang, and the region has restored security and social stability.

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, Xinjiang sets the general goal of maintaining social stability and long-term peace, fully implements the Party's policies on governing Xinjiang in the new era and the spirit of the third central symposium on work related to Xinjiang, follows the guidance of governing Xinjiang in accordance with the law, maintaining stability in the region through ethnic unity, nourishing the cultures of Xinjiang, promoting prosperity among the local population, and developing Xinjiang from a long-term perspective. Xinjiang has seen rapid and sustained growth, social harmony and stability, continued improvement in standard of living and thriving culture. We can see beautiful scenes of peaceful and happy life with robust growth and strong vitality in development all through Xinjiang.

However, some anti-China forces in the western countries keep fabricating sensational lies for their political purposes. Under the pretext of human rights and religion, they smear China of oppressing against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities. They concoct false accusations like “establishing concentration camps”, “monitoring on a large scale”, “suppressing traditional culture of ethnic minorities” and try to slap Xinjiang with labels of “genocide” and “forced labor”.

Facts are not to be distorted. Achievements of Xinjiang’s economic and social development as well as human rights are there for all to see:

The Uyghur population has been doubled in the past 40 years, increasing from 5.55 million to 11.62 million ; Life expectancy rises from 30 to 72 years old in the past 60 years; local people are living increasingly rich lives, with an average annual GDP growth of 7.2% in recent years; they enjoy higher education, and the completion rate of nine-year compulsory education is now over 95%. Is it what the western countries call as “genocide”?

Education and training in Xinjiang has succeeded to an enormous extent in eliminating the soil and conditions to religious extremism. The local people in Xinjiang have mastered vocational skills that help them start business to become rich. In Xinjiang, 70% of all cotton were harvested mechanically instead of manually in 2020. Planters can order mechanical cotton-pickers through APPs, which is a true symbol of the Internet+ era in cotton harvest. Is it what the lie-producers call as “forced labor”?

Look back at those countries who slam and smear others, they have a bad history on race, religion and human rights that recorded the horrific systemic ethnic cleansing and slaughter of native people. They launched military operations against Muslim countries under the pretext of counter-terrorism, and they did many unjust matters in the context of colonialism, racism, exporting unrest and interventionism. What they need to do is self-reflection. Is there any position for them to claim to be “defender of human rights” or “instructors” to lecture others?

I’d like to reiterate that Xinjiang affairs are China’s internal affairs that allow no foreign interference. The Chinese government is determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. The so-called Xinjiang-related issues have nothing to do with human rights, ethnic groups or religions, but everything to do with fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism.

The US and some other western countries take no regard of the voice of justice among 25 million Xinjiang residents, slandering “lies of the century” in total disregard of facts. Their real purpose is to mess up Xinjiang and impede China’s development and progress.

Lies are like virus that could only breed and spread in dark corners, which cannot survive under the sunshine of facts and truth. Justice will prevail. Rumors will not write off Xinjiang's comprehensive progress, and those attempts to disrupt Xinjiang's stability and prosperity are doomed to fail. China has successfully blazed the trail of human rights development with Chinese characteristics. We will run our own house well to ensure people’s happiness, and we will unswervingly follow the right path leading to a bright future. All those ill-intentions by fabricating lies on Xinjiang will surely be in vain.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The door to Xinjiang is always open. In 2019, domestic and foreign travelers made over 200 million trips to Xinjiang. The region has received 1,600-plus diplomats, journalists and representatives of religious groups from more than 100 countries and international organizations in recent years.

Today, we are honored to invite Mr. Jarulla Hisamidin, Vice Governor of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to give a comprehensive introduction on economic and social development there, and Xinjiang representatives from different circles will share with us their views. Let’s listen to the real stories.

Moreover, China and India are both big developing countries. We have similar positions in combating terrorism. We have the common tasks and aspirations on economic and social development, as well as on improving people’s livelihood. Seeing is believing. We welcome our Indian friends to visit Xinjiang after the COVID-19 pandemic, to talk to the local people there, to see for yourselves, and to get to know a truly beautiful picture of Xinjiang.

Thank you!

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