World Focus on Two Summits
2016-08-23 18:56

On August 20, 2016, Indian Newspaper Hindustan Times published the article "World Focus on Two Summits" of Mr Cheng Guangzhong, the Minister Counselor of Chinese embassy. The full text is as follows:

World Focus on Two Summits

The 11th G20 summit and the 8th BRICS summit will be held in the near future in China and India respectively.

From whatever perspective, the two summits are both held at the right time and right country. More than eight years since international financial crisis, especially since this year, world economic growth has been sluggish. American economic growth in the first half of this year was far lower than expected and some emerging markets are still in recession. The whole world are worrying that where our economy will move forward, or whether there will be more "Black Swan" events like "Brexit". Asia is emerging as a new center of global economy. China and India are now the second and the seventh largest economies in the world, whose economic growth rates rank the second and the first among the major economies, whose contribution to the world economic growth rank the first and the third, respectively. When Asia, especially China and India, have become the major engines of world economy, the two upcoming two summits in Asia will naturally draw the attention of the whole world.

Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province of China, is the host city of G20 summit 2016, which is famous for the West Lake, Longjing tea and beauties. President Xi Jinping has made it clear to the world that China's general ideas of hosting the summit is innovation, reform and development. Under the theme of "Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy", Hangzhou Summit is likely to achieve nearly 30 major results. In terms of the general direction, we will forge new impetus to promote the robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the world economy through advocating innovation. We will come up with new proposals to resolve various difficulties faced by current economic and financial sectors through advancing structural reform. We will also explore a new prospect in leading the global implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through enhancing development cooperation. At present, the preparatory work of the summit has been basically completed. It is believed that Hangzhou summit will strengthen the economic cooperation among the G20 members, as well as between the developed countries and the emerging market countries. It will promote the transition of the G20 from a crisis responding mechanism to a long term mechanism of global economic governance, which will bring confidence and hope to the weak world economy.

In the view of a Chinese diplomat, there are at least three significances of the BRICS summit to be held in Goa. First, Goa is famous for beach, seascape and shipping. Holding a summit there reflects the hospitality of the Indian people. Second, it shows that the BRICS countries will unite together and plough though the waves, regardless of the negative voice toward BRICS. Third, as Goa is a colony of Europeans which was recovered by India in 1960s, holding a summit there demonstrates that India values independence and freedom and is willing to play a greater role in promoting more just and reasonable international order. Preparatory work of Goa summit is focused on development, digitization, urbanization and the people's livelihood, including areas like agriculture, services, trade, customs, science, technology, drug control and health, which is in accordance with the development level and need of the BRICS countries. Taking smart city as an example, China, India and South Africa are all in the process of rapid urbanization. BRICS summit will help its members learn from each other and achieve common progress on urbanization. Besides, it is believed that the Goa summit will certainly put forward good proposals on tackling common challenges and promoting common development of the BRICS countries, as well as improving global governance.

As the focus of whole world, the two summits will definitely bring new momentum, confidence and vision to the BRICS, Asia and the world.

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