President Hu Receives Written Interview with Mexican Newspaper
2012-06-17 20:00

China-Mexico ties in new stage of growth: Chinese president

The forging of China-Mexico strategic partnership in 2003 has ushered the bilateral relations into a new stage of all-round and robust growth, Chinese President Hu Jintao has said.

Hu made the remarks in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper prior to the G20 summit due to be held in Los Cabos from June 18 to 19.

"Thanks to the concerted efforts of both countries, China-Mexico relations have come a long way since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago," Hu said.

"Frequent high-level exchanges have deepened political mutual trust," said the Chinese president, adding that a regular coordinating committee has been set up between the two governments and two joint action plans are being implemented.

"This makes Mexico the first Latin American country to draw up joint action plans with China," Hu said, adding that the two countries have also set up mechanisms of strategic dialogue and parliamentary dialogue forum.

"Bilateral business ties are thriving," he said.

China has become Mexico's second largest trading partner, and Mexico is China's second largest trading partner in Latin America.

Bilateral exchanges in culture, education, science, technology and tourism are flourishing, Hu said, adding that "China-Mexico friendship enjoys strong popular support in our two countries."

China and Mexico have maintained close coordination and cooperation in important multilateral frameworks such as the United Nations, the G20 and APEC and upheld the common interest of developing countries, he said.

"In a complex and volatile international environment, boosting China-Mexico strategic cooperation will both enhance the common prosperity of our two countries and contribute significantly to strengthening solidarity and cooperation among developing countries and promoting global peace and development," said the president.

Hu said that China is ready to work with Mexico to strengthen the political foundation of the bilateral relations and fully implement the joint action plans.

"We should tap into the potentials for our cooperation in business, science, technology, culture and other areas, enrich China-Mexico strategic partnership and promote sound and steady long-term growth of the mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries," he added.

Chinese president calls for joint efforts to sustain "hard-won" economic recovery

Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged members of the Group of 20 (G20) to sustain and strengthen the "hard-won" momentum of economic recovery.

Hu made the remarks in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper, prior to the G20 summit due to be held in Los Cabos from Monday to Tuesday.

"The world economy is now on the path of recovery and the prospect of economic growth is improving to some extent," Hu said, adding that such recovery is still not firm, and faces acute unpredictability.

"Total global demand remains weak. Growth in major economies is sluggish," said the Chinese president.

Hu said it is becoming more difficult for countries to coordinate their macro-economic policies. "Arduous efforts are required to achieve robust, sustainable and balanced growth of the global economy."

Hu said that G20, consisting of both major developed countries and emerging market economies, has a balanced composition and is representative of the global economy.

It has played an important role in addressing international financial crisis and promoting world economic stability and recovery, and has become the premier platform of global economic governance, said the Chinese president.

"In the current world economic environment, the G20 members should stick together in difficult times and pursue win-win cooperation," he said.

Hu said to sustain and strengthen the momentum of economic recovery, "we need to enhance macro-economic policy coordination, and all countries should pursue win-win cooperation through concerted efforts."

Hu also urged all the G20 members to continue to advance the reform of the international financial system, speedily meet the target of IMF quota and governance reform, improve the international monetary system and enhance international financial regulation.

"We should continue to oppose protectionism in all forms and advance the Doha round negotiations. We should continue to give high priority to development and promote growth of developing countries so as to increase total global demand," he said.

Regarding the European sovereign debt, "an issue of general concern," Hu said "G20 should address it in a constructive and cooperative way, encourage and support efforts made by Europe to resolve it and send a signal of confidence to the market."

"Mexico has made extensive preparations for hosting the Los Cabos summit since assuming the presidency. In Los Cabos, I look forward to exploring with leaders of other G20 members ways to promote world economic stability, recovery and growth," he added.

Developing countries' growth accelerates int'l system reform: Hu

The rapid growth of developing countries has accelerated the process of reforming the international system, according to Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Hu made the remarks in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper prior to the G20 summit due to be held in Los Cabos from Monday to Tuesday.

"To enhance cooperation among developing countries will promote a multi-polar world and economic globalization and contribute to world peace, stability and development," said the Chinese leader.

Hu said developing countries, facing new international developments, need to strengthen coordination to ensure space for their development and their right to development.

"We should call on the international community to continue to give priority to development and enhance international development cooperation," he said, adding that developing countries should also urge developed countries to fully honor their assistance commitment and address imbalances in development between the North and South.

Hu said China is a developing country, and China's foreign policy aims to strengthen unity and cooperation with other developing countries to uphold the common interests of developing countries.

"Our goal is to build a harmonious world of durable peace and common prosperity," he added.

Chinese economy to maintain stable growth: president

Chinese President Hu Jintao has expressed confidence that his country will maintain steady and robust growth to make contribution to global economic growth.

Hu made the remarks in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper, prior to the G20 summit due to be held in Los Cabos, Mexico on June 18-19.

"China's economy has maintained stable growth," he said. "Facing a complex and grave external economic environment, China has taken targeted measures to strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation, accelerate the shift of the growth model, adjust economic structure and build long-term mechanisms to boost domestic demand."

These efforts are made to ensure that China's economy is driven by both consumption, investment and export so as to ensure steady and robust growth and maintain social harmony and stability, he said.

According to Hu, in the first quarter this year, China's GDP grew by 8.1 percent and the share of its current account surplus in GDP fell to 1.4 percent. "China has thus made important contribution to global economic recovery and growth."

The Chinese president said that China's economy is an integral part of the global economy.

"We will continue to pursue a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy and maintain a balance between ensuring steady and robust growth, adjusting economic structure and managing inflationary expectations," he said.

"We are confident that China will maintain steady and robust growth and thus make solid contribution to global economic growth," he said.

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