Quotable Quotes from Hu Jintao's Speech on CPC's 90th Founding Anniversary
2011-07-01 18:00

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao, also General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, delivered a keynote speech on Friday at a meeting commemorating the Party's 90th founding anniversary.

The following are some quotable quotes from Hu:

-- History and the people have chosen the CPC, Marxism, the socialist road, and the reform and opening up policy.

-- The CPC truly deserves to be called a great, glorious and correct Marxist political party.

-- The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only way for China to achieve socialist modernization and create decent lives for its people.

-- Success in China hinges on the Party.

-- We are facing long-term, complicated and severe tests in governing the country, in implementing reform and opening up and in developing the market economy, as well as tests in the external environment.

-- The whole Party is confronted with growing danger of lacking in drive, incompetence, divorce from the people, lacking in initiative, and corruption.

-- It has thus become even more important and urgent than ever before for the Party to police itself and impose strict discipline on its members.

-- We never take Marxism as an empty, rigid, and stereotyped dogma.

-- Talent is the most important resource and a strategic resource for a country's development.

-- Maintaining close ties with the people gives the Party its biggest political asset while alienation from the people poses the greatest risk to the Party after it has gained political power.

-- The people will care about and feel close to the Party only when the Party feels the same toward them.

-- The Party is soberly aware of the gravity and danger of corruption.

-- If not effectively curbed, corruption will cost the Party the trust and support of the people.

-- All the comrades in the Party should bear in mind that all people are equal before the law.

-- It was thanks to reform and opening up that China has developed rapidly in the past 30 plus years, and we must promote China's future development by continuing to carry out reform and opening up.

-- China's international status as the largest developing country in the world has not changed.

-- Without democracy there can be no socialism and socialist modernization.

--We should ensure that development is for the people and carried out by the people and that they share in the fruits of development.

-- To strike a balance among reform, development, and stability and achieve unity of the three is an important guideline for achieving overall success in China's socialist modernization.

-- Without stability, nothing could be done, and even the achievements already made could be lost.

-- We should energize society to the greatest possible extent, maximize factors of harmony and minimize factors that undermine harmony.

-- Young people represent the future of both China and its people. They also represent the future and hope of the Party.

-- We have every reason to be proud of what the Party and the people have achieved, but we have no reason to be complacent. We must not and will never rest on our laurels.

-- We will not vacillate, relax our efforts or act recklessly.

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