"My Dream" Touches Delhi
2010-05-24 01:26


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of China-India diplomatic relations, at the invitation of the Chinese Embassy in India, the China Disabled Performing Art Troupe presented the new song and dance performance called "my dream" on May 16 and 17 at Kamani Theatre of New Delhi. Chairman of Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Dr. Karan Singh, Lt. Governor of Delhi Mr. Tejendra Khanna and Chargé d' Affaires of Chinese Embassy Mr. Zhang Yue and wife of Chinese Ambassador Mrs. Chen Wangxia were present at the show. More than 1,200 people from all walks of life of India, foreign diplomats in India, representatives from Chinese companies in India, overseas Chinese and students in India watched the performance.

"My Dream" has a unique artistic charm. Clear theme and rich content of the program and the vivid interpretation of the disabled actors' love for life has enjoyed reputation from all around the world. This time the superb Dance "Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva", "To See Spring" and "The Happy Life in Farmland" have all showed the strong and optimistic attitude of Chinese disabled persons towards life. Their brilliant performances full of passion and energy touched every audience.

The Art Troupe also prepared the India song "Salute to the motherland", "Jai Ho" exclusively for this trip, which received enthusiastic response among Indian audiences. The audience went on clapping during the show with many moved to tears. At the end of the performance the audience stood to applaud and a lot of people rushed to the stage to take group photos with the performers.

Chairman of Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Dr. Karan Singh praised that the actors are "very professional". Lt. Governor Mr. Khanna together with the other guests walk up the stage to congratulate the success of performance and made a short speech to the actors. He said, "on behalf of 17 million people in Delhi, I welcome you all to India. your performance brought us the enjoyment of beauty and your message of love for life and we were deeply moved." He added: "China and India are ancient civilizations. The Indian people have profound friendly feelings to the Chinese brothers and sisters. We wish the Chinese brothers and sisters health, happiness, prosperity and peace. I hope we have more similar exchanges between the two countries, so that the friendship between us will be blessed, eternal and lasting."

During the second performance in Delhi, the Indian Disabled Art Troupe was also actively involved. They held the national flags of China and India and danced to the Indian song "Salute to the Motherland" and the international hits "We Are the World", which pushed the theatre atmosphere to a climax.

China Disabled Performing Art Troupe's visit to India is a great event following the opening of the "China Festival" in Indian on April 20. The Troupe's visit to India is co-sponsored by Huawei, Sinosteel and Zoomlion, three major Chinese companies in India.

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